Greetings, Friends.

I post this out of concern for your eternal souls. Recently I encountered a religious tract from acclaimed tract author Jack T. Chick entitled, "Bewitched?". Many of America's youth have experimented with drugs, and thus fallen intoo the grip of Satan. Please view the attached story of Ashley, taken from the forementioned tract, that your souls and minds may be saved, and you will not be thrown into the lake of fire! Remember, your past sins may doom you to a quick and painful death by "massive acid flashback," but it is never too late to save your soul!

If Ashley's story moves you, I encourage you to visit Chick Publuications and examine thier selection of tracts. I highly recommend, along with "Bewitched?", reading "Angels?", "Dark Dungeons," "That Crazy Guy!" "Doom Town," "The Beast", "Trust Me", "The Poor Little Witch", and "The Last Generation." You too can be saved from the evils of homosexuality, drugs, AIDS, communism, the One World Government, and the Catholic church, if you will only put your life into the hands of Jesus!

I pray for your souls.

Peace in Christ,

copyright Jack T. Chick, I claim "fair use."