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NIMBY's 101 lists:

101 Alternatives To Suicide
101 Ways To Kill A Hippie

101 Ways To Be Punk

101 Ways To Get An FBI File

Chuck Firebomb's Nihilistic Minute
Dear God (Advice from America's Favorite Deity)
The Official "How Emo Are You" Quiz
Color Me Happy for the Right Wing
Niffer's Top 5 British TV Shows
Pictures of the back of Fat Mike's Head
Sex and Baseball Redefined
 Coming Soon

A Tribute to TOWPATH
101 Things You Don't Wanna Hear While Riding Shotgun

101 Things To Say To A Priest
101 Things To Do In Western New York
Ski-Mask on Satan and the Spice Girls
Shaft vs. Dolemite: Who Would Win In A Fight?
Chick Publications' "The Beast" and "The Death Cookie" in verse
Columns from Brendan, John and Wade