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emo n. A style of music derived from punk rock and/or hardcore, typically signified by an intensely melodic, intricately structured and/or melodically dissonant, emotion-invoking sound; and introspective, often melancholy lyrics. (Ex. Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day, Get Up Kids). adj. 1) Of or pertaining to the musical style of emo (an emo band.) 2) Of or pertaining to any object, individual or situation invoking similar emotions as emo music (That shirt is so emo.). [also emo-core or emoticore (archaic); from English emotion + hardcore].

Hey you, emo hipster! Ever wonder where you rate among your highly sensitive, emotionally bruised peers? Take our quiz and find out! (Please note that this quiz was made c.1998, and please don't bitch to us about any discrepanceis between then and now.)