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Check out the new website featuring Brendan and Wade of NIMBY fame: Invisible Strand!


Welcome to the web version of Not In My Backyard! fanzine. Published in Buffalo, NY from 1995 to 2000, NIMBY! is devoted to covering the punk/hardcore/indie music scene, as well as publishing entertaining features and interesting opinions.


Issue #10: Special 10th issue retrospective! New interviews with The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, and Fidget from "Cecil B. Demented," a rare live glimpse at Buffalo's shock-metal kings TOWPATH, a critical look at punk rock and race.

Issue #9: Interviews with Jimmy Eat World, Jejune, and Burning Airlines; sex and baseball redefined, the best of British TV, punk rock and the learning disabled, more...

Issue #8: interviews with Bad Religion and Samiam, "How emo are you?" quiz, Shaft vs. Dolemite, Satanism and the Spice Girls, sick demetend comix

Issue #7: interviews with Lagwagon, New Sweet Breath, and The Suicide Machines, tips on stalking, 101 Things To Do In Western New York

Issue #6: interviews with Brian Baker (must read) and the Assorted Jelly Beans, Kill Wal-Mart!, 101 Ways To Get An FBI file, The Greatest Story Ever Told

Issue #5: interviews with Peep Show Records and Johnny Revolting, 101 Things To Say To a Priest, Syracuse Cabbie Decodes The Matrix, the last ever Dear God

Issue #4: Interview with The Vandals, 101 Ways to Kill a Hippie, Chick Publications' "The Beast" in verse, the back of Fat Mike's head, Dear God. A personal favorite of our editors.

Issue #3: interview with Towpath (part 2), 101 Ways To Be Punk, Dear God

Issue #2: interview with Towpath (part 1), 101 Things You Don't Want To Hear The Driver Say, Destroy The Malls, Dear God

Issue #1: 101 Alternatives To Suicide, Dear God, precious little else.



At long last... the "How Emo Are You?" quiz from Issue #8 is online. Eventually we hope to have an interactive version of the quiz on the site, but for now you'll have to do the math the old fashioned way. Print it out and quiz all your crybaby friends...

Chuck Firebomb's Nihilistic Minute is now back online, and, in light of recent events around the world, Chuck wishes to remind the public that at no point has he ever advocated killing civillians.

Also, the launch of Invisible Strand has been put on indefinite hiatus. In the meantime, keep an eye on the NIMBY page to see what new project our gang of miscreants may or may not be up to. (One word: Hoboes.)


Chuck Firebomb's Nihilistic Minute is observing a "moment of silence," out of respect for those killed in the recent World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks. This action is being taken at the request of the column's creator, and not due to any complaints or other outside influence. The column will return to NIMBY in the near future.

All of us at NIMBY wish to express our condolences to all those affected by these terrible attacks.


Issue 10! Live and on the web for your reading pleasure! Check out these exclusive interviews with The Promise Ring and The Get Up Kids! More to come!

Also, there are finally - FINALLY - home pages for NIMBY issues 1, 5, and 6. Ooh, the graphics...

Updates shall continue until everything worth publishing (and some shit that wasn't) has been archived in digital, web-accessible form. Check back often. Salvation is at hand!


101 Lists! For you reading pleasure, we now offer 101 Alternatives to Suicide, 101 Ways to be PUNK, and 101 Ways to Get an FBI File. Such funny shit!

Check back soon for all new material from Issue #10, as well as NIMBY! classics like the "How Emo Are You?" quiz, Mr. Ski-Mask on Satanism and The Spice Girls, and, who knows, maybe even the monster two-part TOWPATH interview from NIMBY #2 and #3.

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